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Vase Na     

 Oct 2019

Vase na s to integrate the lines and color into the space and present the seemingly existing space, but there is no actual existence. Usually vase is container with borders. Vase na's design use white frame,color paint,pattern, and angle transformation to break the inherent space constraints, color constitute the body of vase, embodying sense of depth,change and realism. So does the vase still exist ?

The concept between virtual and real: create a vase in space with gradient colors from different small frames. But the vase does not exist, it is just a space with color, which creates a sense of space but no boundaries. 

Different experiences of angle transformation: Moving the line of sight, the color of the vase will change. changing the perspective, the interwoven frame structure will produce depth, level changes and 3D effects. These design elements have led people to a "visual roaming".

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