Rattan Collection are exhibited at Design China  Beijing  2020
23  September  2020

Rattan Collection are exhibited atChina National Agricultural Exhibition Centre, September 2020.  The work  maded by the natural materials  and artistic form. Desiger expect  to display the balance point which   art and nature .

Scheduled for September 23-26, 2020
Address | National Agricultural Exhibition Centre 

Windows are selected at Beijing Cultural and creative Award 2020
28  August  2020

‘Windows’ are eclected in the Beijing Cultural&Creative Award 2020  at  China International Exhibition Center   , August 2020. The Windows inspired by the natural light and window's form. Desiger expect  to create  a

emotion which human and nature interative together..

Scheduled for August, 2020
Address | China International Exhibition Center 

Vase Na Collection are selected at Wanted Design Launch pad 2020
28 March 2020

‘Vase Na’ will be exhibited in the ICFF&Wanted Design Launch pad  at the Javits Center New York  , May 2021 

The Vase Na inspired by the principles of nature color layers and space to create the objects which combination of The Actual and Visual Conditions. This emotion awakens us to the perception of Space and color . 

Scheduled for Mid May, 2021
Venue | ICFF 
Address | Javits Center New York

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