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March  2024

Zig/Zag uses classic line elements, mirror reflections, and color combinations to challenge people's eyes and create an amazing real illusion, as if people are seeing another space. People are always reluctant to admit that this is an illusion. Ultimately, the tabletop collection sits somewhere between beauty and functionality, with a strong yet sophisticated visual aesthetic.


It is a sweet, vibrant, playful collection that consists of a Vase, and tabletop. It demands you take another look, engage with it, and maybe even think about a moment. The project's mirror that activates you to observe your perspective in different colors.


The Collection’s core design features a front adorned with a reflective mirror, thereby transcending what the traditional tabletop industry likely views as an insurmountable design boundary. No matter when people look at the structure and mirrors from any angle, they will feel the extension of space and the contrast between color and structure. It is unbelievable.The idea prompted me to give it an interesting name “Zig /Zag”, people see the real Zig object, but the mirror shows a different color of Zag object.

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