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Stretch Color

Oct  2022

Stretch Color is a set of local disappearing vases. The three -sized vases show the strength and change of the color after being stretched in the space.

Through the shape of the curve and the gradient color, the designer makes the vase display a sense of visual stretch and show the stretched color in the 3D space. The disappearance part has made the work a fantasy uncertainty.

In the space, the series of collection seem like a planar art painting. Sometimes like a three -dimensional sculpture artwork. With the visual perspective, the form of the artwork is switched between 2D and 3D. After the gradient transparent plate is treated, the structure and shape of the vase are blurred, and the gradient color is from deep to light to colorless transparency, Vase collection are creating a mysterious expressiveness.
This series of vases reflect the designer’s obsession with the color of the reconstruction space. The variability of color and the visual changes of the contour reaches a “balance” of strength and color, creating a fantasy illusion.

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Desz_Stretch color 1.jpg
Desz_Stretch color_blue.jpg
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